Let CAFRONLINE streamline your annual financial reporting. We'll save you time and money!

With over 90 clients across 24 states, our innovative web application streamlines the preparation of financial reports for local governments (cities, counties, school districts, enterprise districts, and other special districts), resulting in efficient and cost-effective reporting.

Compared to traditional methods of preparing reports, CAFRonline is unique because it:

  • Links documents, spreadsheets and financial statements

    By utilizing CAFRLATORS, the documents, spreadsheets and financial statements are all linked. Adjustments to the financials automatically update within the narrative and spreadsheets.

  • Has database driven roll ups

    CAFRonline's financial statements run off of a database (rather than a spreadsheet), and, consequently, any classification changes to accounts or funds are a simple mouse click away.

  • Supplies detail behind any line

    Users (auditors, too) can click on any line item to view the roll ups, trial balance data, and adjustments that comprise that amount.

  • Provides limitless drafts and users

    Multiple users can log in to update the report simultaneously. Since the information is web-based, it is in one central location and updates in real time. A current draft can be exported at any time as a .pdf or .docx file.

  • Is maintenance-free

    No set-up is required as CAFRonline is web-based. All upgrades are included and happen automatically. New updates are featured on the homepage when a user logs in keeping them up to date. Daily and monthly backups are performed.

  • Has Project Management

    The Project Management tool helps keep track of the CAFR’s progress towards completion. It allows for assignments to specific users along with due dates to see if the CAFR is on track.

  • Is Web-based

    Web-based allows multiple users to collaborate from anywhere with ease.

  • Has Support Assistance

    Unlimited access to the support team via phone, email, web-based meetings, or the user forum.

During the 4-6 week implementation period, the experienced CAFRonline team replicates 90% of your prior year CAFR before training begins.